Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Day in Los Angeles

I overdid driving into LA yesterday and kept changing the plan. That resulted in a melt down in the evening at the artists underearners meeting at the gay community center (in my own head, i didnt share with group). I had driven all the way to Point Dume in Malibu. It would have been better as the passenger, or not having already spent 2.5 hours coming from Palm Springs to Santa Monica.

The high point of day was riding my bike in Venice after returning from Point Dume. First I rode along the beach boardwalk (cement, no boards). The boardwalk is the only part of Venice that looks the same, aka rundown, as in 1976 when i lived there.

Everything else in the area has been replaced, or tarted up to rich man's dessert. But, I still had the feeling that Venice, Ocean park, and Marina del rey become somewhat desolate and boring at nite. Even though i didnt stay that late. Reason being is all the people action is still along the boardwalk and Main street. There is one new commercial street inland, called Abbott. Otherwise it still had a neighborhood feel. Albeit super rich,  genius cute, and very safe. I remember the inland residential areas as dangerous at nite in the old days. That's entirely gone. Its all rich kid cool and movie starlight today.

I'd already had some traffic on the freeway 10 coming in and on the Pacific Coast Highway to Mailbu and was still frustrated when I arrived in Venice. I left one hour to get from Venice to the gay community center in West Hollywood and be on time for the meeting. It took 1.5 hours. The exceedingly slow traffic ruined my schedule.

Then on way back to Palm Springs something happened around West Covina after 8pm and traffic stopped for an hour. it looked like a little drone was whirling around the sky above the freeway with a small beam focused on the earth. finally, traffic was released.

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