Monday, November 04, 2019

Is a Gay Republican an Oxymoron? Or Just a Moron?

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By Cal Avocado 11/5/2019

Stockholm Syndrome is defined by Oxford as “feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.”

Falling in love with your abuser. Why would a gay man trust his vote to an abusive party. He is appeasing an enemy. Bowing with a plea, “Get to know me and you’ll learn to love me.” This tiger will choose the veggie burger, not me.

Or is he angry. Mad at the world for failing him and revenge voting. With this vote I harm myself and everyone like me. I’ll enjoy their misfortune, especially smarter guys. I’ll boo against us and vote for violence. Never reach far to find advice to self-harm. Cut yourself, man. You can’t cum and enjoy it, coward. Shadenfreude!

He’s depressed. A fantasy “suicide bomber” staying small instead of exploding his truck balls in a gay parade. Religious and civil law create corrupt moral cover for bombers. The smug theocrat receives a big pension instead of a long sentence.

The party that homo-hates is happy to have an agreeable fool to call trash. To be a toilet for heterosexual filth. Without an untouchable a better caste can’t exist. They'll use him to sanitize their worst smell.

Or it could be his ambition. He’ll be the party token and rise with no competition. A eunuch that won’t produce any more like him. A leashed monkey surrounded by men looking down disapprovingly as he masturbates. Exhibited again and again to denounce monkeys. His participation offers his sponsors protection for their crimes. Call them homophobic and they point to him, “He’s one of us!” They’ll get him a beard, a fake blonde from the art of acting. His lot will be a cold place in the sun. Or he’ll accept a shadow in heaven if he can’t mate girls. Celibate homosexuals are eligible for the cheap seats. Majorities don’t usually harm themselves and the majority of homosexuals will not marry their abuser. Recruits like him are rare.

Something is wrong. He’s suffering from shame and twisting the source into a master that owns him.

Or he could be selfless, a hero in a bestseller who wins the impossible, or a minor martyr who loses as predicted. He’ll impress his captor as a representative of his affinity group, evidence we’re not so bad. This is a passive strategy with poor results. A rabbit rolling over to convince a dog not to kill.

Discrimination based on supernatural “evidence” is not to be trusted. It’s philosophy, not physics. Who interprets his imagination as the word of god is saying he is god. He who creates god is god.

The owner of the magical idea has huge influence, indisputable and unarguable, until someone stronger captures it. The tyrant adapts the idea to his needs. Stop calling it god and call it what it is, nature.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Movie from 1967, "Portrait of Jason" documentary of an African-American Queen in New York City discussing himself

"Portrait of Jason"

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The Desert in Your Mind

It's not desert you see, it's desert you imagine inspired. Don't expect it to happen often, it doesn't.

Available from,, and Society6 in a variety of products.

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"Reaching the Mountain Top"

Here's a new piece from my trip in Puerto Vallarta available on a variety of products from

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"Peyote Dawn" Desert Landscape in Glistening Colors

Available from

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I've been in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta to be specific, for a month. During that time I've continued to create artwoks with the subject of deserts. Like I've been working on in Phoenix and Palm Springs, but the colors have been affected by the local environment. The landscape colors are more saturated, with less white and grey in colors than the desert. Also the culture is more saturated. It's less "beige," with more bustle, and reflected in local artwork, both contemporary and historical. The Huichol tribe dominates craft style, with intensely colored pattern paintings. Apparently, hallucinogenic experiences after consuming the Peyote roots (Mescaline) are an influence.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

"The Desert Within You"

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Gila River Desert Sunset from Redbubble

Gila River Desert Sunset available at Redbubble, Saatchi and Society6.



Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Cal Avocado in Puerto Vallarta. Low Budget Chicanada.

Got a room for $17.00 in Puerto Vallarta. Same place as last year. Bought some cleaning supplies and after a couple hours of scrubbing it's clean and smells like a Monsanto pine forest with the help of Pinol, a Mexican cleaning liquid and disinfectant. Since this room is on a top floor in a low priced hotel, the internet signal doesn't have enough strength to connect a laptop, so a Chicanada is required. I'm using a smart phone as a hot spot (router) and have reliable wifi internet access.

Something fixed the thrifty/cheap way.
Look at that car's bumper they busted a chicanada to make it stay in place.

by sweetmami619 April 15, 2007

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Tiny Meat fears Blood Pressure Test at Medical Appointment By Cal Avocado (guest blogger)

Medical appointment yesterday was a horror show. My fear of Blood Pressure measure in highest bloom. The 2 alternating medical officials repeated "stay on task!" throughout the appointment. No chitchat, no discussion but pressing treatment. Heart Rate gushing high. It had been as low as 50's in the morning in my apartment and high as 116 in the angst of this measurement to be publicly executed in a window-less exam carton (room) augmented by officials nipping at me for more efficiency, less whining, less immaturity, less childishness, keep ever ahead. It was a tragedy. The highest official charged with my case ordered an EKG therewith and the sub-official administered it. Fortunately the results were normal. And the BP measurement was OK, in spite of Heart Rate scraping the sky, which was quite a surprise as BP readings at dentist and periodontist in recent memory have been faint worthy. The official attending me marveled at my anxiety levels I could have survived to 61. Moreover, she expressed surprise I'm not taking medications for a weak mind and opined we all have to die, qwitchyerbellyachin' little queen, old prune, bedbug, faggot. I'm castrated, as if testicles existed in the first place! She and her lieutenant shamed my coward. An embarrassing example for all. A disaster.

This morning in the privacy of my apartment, Blood Pressure was perfect 121/75 as hardly any anxiety. Death is almost preferable to a medical appointment with Blood Pressure test. Yet here I sit another morning. So not quite.